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Barndominium/ Shouses

Thinking of Building a "Barndominium"?

Buzzwords like Barndominium and Shouse are all the rage right now in rural residential construction. The internet is full of ideas and information on this style of construction that can leave you, sometimes, more confused than when you started. There are a few different options of styles of construction to understand even within the umbrella of Barn style homes, such as traditional pole barn style, Hybrid pole construction, or even a stick built barndominium. Let our professionals answer all the questions you might have about this style of construction. This is not a new way to build a home, just newer to our area of the country. There are many benefits to gain from this style of Home, let us help you decide if this is right for you and your family. 

Still have more questions?

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The Process:


Understanding the requirements you need to build this style of home is a major step. whether you have the land already, or looking for land. There are many contingencies related to this style of construction still as it is newer to our area. There will be local codes, ordinances, and restrictive covenants to all consider depending on location of the land the building will sit on. We are happy to guide you through this, as it can be one of the hardest parts to get your project off the ground.


The next big hurdle is to understand how you will finance your Barndominium. Whether you will be getting a loan or paying cash, knowing what you can get approved for or what you want to spend on the home is a major up front step. We can get you in touch with financing partners that have been great to work with on these styles of homes. 

Designs and Budgeting:

Home design and style are major factor in budgeting. In the beginning phases, hopefully you have started to look at other designs and have been "pinning" your thought and Ideas, or maybe you have already nailed down the layout of your home. But in this stage, its imperative you start to decide on the needs and the wants of the home. Working with a "Design/ Build" firm like us we can easily navigate what you can all get in your home based on your budget. Knowing what you can be approved for or what you want to spend on your home is important to understand by this point.

Finalize plans and Costs:

Once a budget and rough design are agreed on, its time to move forward with a final plan set to bid out. Pricing depends on this phase and is necessary to get the banking process started. Banks will want to see final plan sets and final budget to start the Construction loan process. The bank will need a few weeks to a month to get appraisal, abstracting, underwriting, and loan finalization.  During this step Selections can start to be made and details of the home can be selected. The sooner in the process selections are made the more on schedule and budget the home will stay. 

Close on Construction loan and Start:

Loan Closing marks the commencement of construction on your new home. Having a builder like us can ensure that the beginning phases are all lined up and ready to go as soon as this point is reached. The shell of the home can be constructed a lot faster than typical stick built homes with pole construction and metal siding/roofing. Getting dried in is a major step in new construction and getting to that point faster, helps move the project along, just one of the benefits of this style of home. 

Selecting a Genereal Contractor like us to navigate this process will help streamline the process and save you alot of stress. Let us leverage our network of Subcontractors to get you the right Budget, stay on budget, and help you build your dream Barndominium.

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